Tuesday, 20 October 2015

On Spreading the Load

On Spreading the Load

No-one can do everything. You can be the most skilled human in the history of civilization, but there's no way you can be everywhere all the time. Or on the ball constantly.

The company I work for - Escape Technology - runs events on a regular basis. And we've just finished what I think is our best one yet - Creative Rooms: Colour On Screen. It's the second time Creative Rooms has seen the light of day and it was even better than last time. But that's not the subject of my little aside.

What is, is that for the first time ever we had budget for a professional photographer and camera crew. Normally it would be me running around with my 5D or the company's 60D... and it shows. I'm not saying I'm a bad photographer - I'm not - but when you're trying to do everything from organising to managing to taking some shots something slips through the gaps. But when you can afford to shift some of that responsibility onto someone dedicated to one job and one job only then things get a lot smoother. And more professional.

In a nutshell what I mean is this: don't undervalue the cost of hiring people for specific tasks. Creative skills like photography can take up your entire focus and rightly so. When you try to do everything yourself nothing is just right. But when you spread the load things start to fall into place.