Monday, 13 July 2015

Creative Rooms: Start-ups and Scalable Technologies

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This was the first in Escape Technology's Creative Rooms series, and source of great pride for me.

After noticing a disparity in the way the visual effects industry operates and the way the business ran events I proposed a change. Instead of running four-hour evenings where a group of presenters would talk at an audience I suggested we move to a pop-up format where smaller groups of people could have a conversation with an expert. Creative Rooms was pitched as a series of four events to be held twice a year for two years - the first long-term marketing activity Escape had ever undertaken. We worked with a budget of £13,000 to bring this event to life in a gallery space on Bateman Street in Soho.

By purchasing key pieces of furniture instead of hiring them we were able to reduce future event costs, freeing up anticiapated funds for things like filming and photography. This first event was filmed by students and there was little to no photography as we found our feet with this new idea.

I created a new brand identity for the event itself in order to give it a more neutral feel. While the event was run by Escape, this was meant to be something free for the VFX community to enjoy and benefit from without feeling like they were being sold to.

Setup was meticulously planned to happen over the course of one morning, and the event ran for one and a half days.